Harry Copas

Harry Copas (Australia) Residence: January 2020

Harry Copas is studying a BFA (Honours) at UNSW Art and Design and holds a Bachelor of Teaching from ACU. His work has been exhibited widely across Sydney and interstate in places such as Melbourne and Alice Springs. History – both personal and collective – form the basis of much of his work, and he uses humour and absurdity to investigate the overlooked or ignored through eclectic means.

Whilst at Studio Kura, Harry will be examining the complex relationship Australia and Japan share through the tiny regional New South Wales town of Cowra. Through photographs and footage captured during the 2019 Sakura Matsuri Festival as well as his own research in the Fukuoka Prefecture, he hopes to produce a number of sculptures and 2D works that investigate Australia’s emerging obsession with Japan and reveal the similarities and differences in our cultural mentalities.