Ho Chia- Lien

Ho Chia- Lien (Taiwan) Residence: November 2018

Ho Chia- Lien lives and works in Taitung, graduated from the Western Painting Creation Group of the Fine Arts College of National Taiwan Normal University.

The art studio was established in 2004. He likes to use watercolor as a medium to create new visual experiences, exploring the virtual and realistic aspects of watercolor, the theme and the associated spatial relationship.

In addition to painting, Ho also uses hair to create a special visual experience by exploring the memory of hair, the cutting of emotions, and the thought behind the act of cutting hair.
Ho expresses a spiritual liberation and emotional tension, observing and feeling life.

– Award Records

2018 (Taiwan) National Art Exhibition – Watercolor Silver Award

2017 Mexico International Watercolor Competition won the 18th place

2017 Italian Fabriano Watercolor Carnival

2016 (Taiwan) National Art Exhibition Watercolor Silver Award

2016 Portuguese International Watercolor Competition Finalist

2016 Taiwan World Watercolor Competition Jury Honor Award

*Ho Chia- Lien is a selected artist of Craft Artist Exchange Program 2018 by Taitung County Government, participating our AiR program for 4 weeks.

Cloud Rises

Sea sacrifice