Ingchanok Sinudom

Ingchanok Sinudom (Thailand) Residence: December 2019

Ingchanok Sinudom is a ceramics artist based in Bangkok Thailand. She graduated both BA and MA in Ceramics design filed.

Most of my work is inspired from my vision of nature such as trees, leaves, landscapes and also my surroundings. I love to closely observe a detail of things to generate the relationship between a surface, a space and a rhythm. I convey my sentiment by making a pattern with shaping and colouring.

Apart from ceramics, I also do a painting and a sculpture. Before making a ceramic, I intended to sketch my work with painting or paper cut because I’d like to play and enjoy with unlimited equipments. I’ve found that sometimes an unpredictable and a mistake of making things are valuable sources of a great inspiration.

I am keen to develop my work from another equipments aside from ceramics. I’d like to experiment a potential of multiple objects to be my inspiration. Still, I’m really captivated with pattern in nature. During residency period, I am proposing to create a work by combination between painting and embroidery or further technique that suitable with my sentiment.

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The Language of Pattern in Nature_01

The Language of Pattern in Nature_02

The Language of Pattern in Nature_03

The Language of Pattern in Nature_04

The Language of Pattern in Nature_05