Janet Saunders

Janet Saunders (Australia) Residence: August 2017

Janet is an Associate Lecturer at the Western Sydney University and PhD candidate researching the value of drawing in the creative process of Visual Communication students.
This research has led to her current focus on contemporary drawing practices, visual perception phenomena, and exploring the ‘drawing trail’ through her own drawing practice.
She is currently completing an academic development program that includes the investigation and development of improvisational drawing exercises.

Janet uses traditional materials and digital sketch apps to record her ‘thinking trail’ using drawing to emotionally and physically ‘finding a way’ through drawing. Her work incorporates accidental marks, often made through the body, ‘water squiggles’ and other found marks in the immediate environment.
At Studio Kura she aims to continue her drawing investigations that not only investigate the process of drawing, but also reflect the cultural influences and experiences of a traveler in

– Janet Saunders’s website

1Finding my way image
Finding my way image: Exploring each segment and the whole while contemplating on the demise and influence of the Australian eucalypts on the cork tree industry.

2Finding my way map
Finding my way map: Using my map of Portugal to doodle my way through Spain.

3Hillside in Portugal
Hillside in Portugal: Investigating marks through reflection, water squiggles and
observational drawing.

5The hand of man
The hand of man: Investigating drawing techniques of Lisbon tile artists and the influence
of man on the Portuguese rural landscape.

4Lisbon landscape
Lisbon landscape: Sketching in the streets of Lisbon. Finding landmarks and feeling my way through continuous line.