Jeongsoo Lim

Jeongsoo Lim (South Korea) Residence: February, 2016

Jeongsoo Lim is specialized in installation with the deconstruction and recombination of images based in Seoul, South Korea.
She completed her Bachelor of Arts in visual arts at Korea National University of Arts, Seoul, and currently taking her Master of Fine Arts at the university. Her works have been presented at her solo exhibitions as well as group exhibitions in Seoul. The artist also has some experiences in creative collaboration projects as a design/ art director.

Keywords of her works are repeat & variation / rule & improvisation / each & overlap.
Lim is interested in ‘Irregularities’ in continuously changing conditions, focusing on the fragmented manner of life.

At the Studio Kura, she plans to create sculptures and spatial installations using ordinary objects.

– Jeongsoo Lim’s website

limjeongsoo work01

limjeongsoo work02

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