Jinhee Jeon

Jinhee Jeon (Canada) Residence: September to October 2018

Jinhee Jeon is a painter based in Toronto. She loves to use oil paints on canvas, paper or wood panel.
Each series of work capture the time, moments and life stories; they carry figures and full of layers of colours. Her paintings not only show the images of scene, but also reflect sensibility and emotions in depth, and as well as poetry. She is keen on finding a simple and minimalistic way of life, and she likes to apply it to her paintings.

During her residency at Kura Studio, she aims to explore new themes and expressions of minimalistic sense (minimalism?) for the new series of work. She would like to build up a new balance by simplifying and using negative space and limited palettes. She also thinks deeply about emotional sense and poetry. The silence and quietness in Japan would be a big source of inspiration for this new way of practice and creation.

She completed her Bachelor of Fine Art in Drawing & Painting at OCAD University, Toronto Canada. She had several solo and group exhibitions in Toronto and Seoul.

– Website: www.allsoulscanvas.com