Jonathan Reid Sévigny

Jonathan Reid Sévigny (Canada) Residence: April 2019

Montreal-based artist Jonathan Reid Sévigny is interested in pop culture and its intersection with queer politics, while at the same time using the specifics of his upbringing to inform certain regional references embedded in his work. Mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpture, video, performance and installation alike are used to create a complex web of experiential references that together create an ever-evolving meta-fiction. While attending Concordia University (BFA 2013) he attended thematic and self-directed residencies at both the School of Visual Arts in New York City and the Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada.

During his time at Studio Kura he would be investigating queer subcultures that seek out sanctuary through popular stories that are told in foreign cultures and the inevitable contradictions we are faced with when we’re confronted with the opposing power structures that these stories exist within.

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