Juliane Eirich

Juliane Eirich (1979, Munich, Germany)   July, 2011

After graduating from Academy of Photographic Design in Munich she moves to New York.
In 2007, she earns a grant and works for 18 months in Seoul (South Korea).
She is currently based in New York and Berlin.

Her work has been shown in the USA, Canada, Siria, Tunisia, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany and featured in major media such as The New York Times Magazine, ZEIT Magazine and European Photography.

Some of her clients include Prada, Adidas, Daimler and BMW. She belongs to Gallery Schusterin (Berlin/Miami), Gallery f5, 6 (Munich).

She stayed at Studio Kura for a month in July, 2011. She showed her work in her exhibition Das Haus der alten Dame. It consisted in Polaroids she took in the house she was staying at. It felt like time had stopped in a house where people weren’t living anymore, and she rediscovered any corner in a nostalgic light.

She also held a workshop The light in the night at Kyushu University.