Karolina Nowosielska

Karolina Nowosielska (Norway) Residence: November to December 2018

Karolina Nowosielska is a fine art photographer with a great affection for symbolism and expressionism. She currently lives and works in Ålesund, Norway.
In 2014 Karolina graduated from the Sopot Photography College, where she received a diploma with distinction for her series “Fluctuation”. Moreover, the artist has earned master’s degrees in Nordic Studies and German Philology, which gave her a strong academic background. Karolina’s portfolio encompasses several prizes in photo contests, publications, as well as individual and group exhibitions in Europe and Asia.

Heritage, continuous search for cultural identity as well as dynamics within small communities have been the leading motives in her artistic pursuit. Aspects of the womanly archetype in nature has been Karolina’s major source of inspiration and it has been consistently featured in all her visual projects.

She would love to pursue this passion on a more insightful level together with the community around Kura.  Her ambition would be to develop an intimate portrait series about 2-5 people living in the coastal area the context of their interaction with sea and maritime traditions.

– Karolina’s online gallery: www.kaldaljos.no

Fluctuation 10

It's getting dark