Linda Vigdorcika

Linda Vigdorcika (Latvia) Residence: May to July 2019

Linda Vigdorcika is a visual artist based in Riga, Latvia. She completed her masters degree in fine arts at Chelsea College of Arts in London and is actively participating in projects both, in Riga and abroad, most recently exhibiting at GARGE Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow, taking part in Nordic Environmental Symposium in Helsinki and participating in La Nuit des Idées in Paris.

Through her work, Linda playfully talks about various themes, both social and environmental, and is interested in discussing the issues of modern life through looking at how we interact with the natural world around us. By examining how playful human interactions with nature can develop into cultural elements, Linda tries to understand the importance of traditions rooted in natural play and to uncover how these practices translate to modern language.

At studio Kura, Linda will continue to explore the themes of nature and the meaning of playfulness, through engaging the local community and studying traditions, stories and practices.

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-Linda Vigdorcika received an art grant from State Culture Capital Foundation (SCCF) to participate this artist in residence program at Studio Kura.

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