Luo, Jiang-Jiang

Luo, Jiang-Jiang (China) Residence: March 2019

Luo, Jiang-Jiang is a Chinese contemporary visual artist, and he has been now lives and works in Shanghai, China since October 2018.

He recently completed his master degree in fine art studio at University of Barcelona.

His is interested to explore the modes of our understanding and cognition towards the world through the expression of the sense of spatial forms. I also use my works to discover the state of being within the depths of our mind with the help of the diversity of visual language, not especially limited to the use of fixed expressions.

For this residence plan I want to do a work involves different elements such as painting, glass, photography, etc. Through this work, I expect to establish a spatial theater where all elements are included in a certain correlation and constitute a large and rich spatial experience.

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