Meredith Bardo

Meredith Bardo (United States) Residence: May 2019

Meredith Bardo is a Multi-Media artist and Graphic Designer living in Chicago. She has a BFA in Illustration, from Pacific Northwest College of Art. She currently works as the Brand Manager at a non-profit.

Her work is filled with colorful shapes, patterns and cute, puffy characters. She is interested in themes of identity through outer-representation, often using symbols, objects and clothing as an extension of ones personality. Her work varies in mediums, from digital to installation, but always encompasses the same overarching style and themes she’s drawn to.

At Studio Kura, she plans to create an installation inspired by the term “comfort zone.” She will explore how objects can become tethered to ones personal identity, as well as how that can identity change or strengthen in an unfamiliar context.

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