Mirabell Nicklas

Mirabell Nicklas (Germany) Residence: August 2019

I usually concentrate on the hardships and struggles of life. I have lived all over the world and seen terrible things and the daily fight for existence. This made me explore psychological disorders, mental illness, and emotional instability. I want my audience to know that they are not alone and establish a window for insight into these experiences.

I mainly use watercolor, oil paint, and black ink pen. I love the way watercolor behaves when adding water. Its gentle flow absorbing and eating itself further into the paper. I am obsessed with detail and so a zero-point paintbrush has become my best companion over the past years.

However, in my stay at Studio Kura, I would want to focus on dreams that people have during the night. Dreams are a gateway into peoples mind that we can only try to analyze but will never truly understand. It is a mystery as well as a fantasy allowing me to explore the darkest fears, most desired wishes or happy memories that we want to relive but will never be able to do so as the procedure of going back in time has not been invented yet.