Nadia Oh Sueh Peng

Nadia Oh Sueh Peng (Singapore) Residence: June 2018

Nadia Oh Sueh Peng is a visual artist based in Singapore. She received her Master of Art in Fine Art from Goldsmiths’ College, University of London at LASALLE College of the Arts. Her artworks include lithography and aquatint printmaking, sculptures, installation and photographic prints on fabric together with stitching. Nadia’s approach to artwork is poetic and intricate. Apart from her practice, she also designs and handmade costume Jewelry for her other areas of interest.

Nadia is inspired by fleeting moments of light and shadow in nature, as seen from the confines of the typical Singaporean apartment block. She aims to explore the notions of the earthly and empyreal treasures through her practice and has exhibited in Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Taiwan and more.

During the residency in June, Nadia would like to rediscover different ways of approaching her practice inspired from her stays at the Studio Kura, Artist in Residence Program in Fukuoka, Japan.

– Nadia Oh Sueh Peng’s website

Nadia Oh - Stacks & Blocks - Artwork 01
Stacks & Blocks

Nadia Oh - 32 Degrees Fahrenheit - Artwork 02
32 Degrees Fahrenheit

Nadia Oh - Unsteady Form - Artwork 03
Unsteady Form

Nadia Oh - The Hunters - Artwork 04
The Hunters

*Nadia Oh Sueh Peng has received a sponsorship from LASALLE College of the Arts to complete the residency at Studio Kura.