Naomi Soh

Naomi Soh (Singapore) Residence: May 2017

Naomi Soh is an artist hailing from the sunny island of Singapore. She is a graduate of 3dsense Media School in Singapore, and is here in Studio Kura, for the second time.
Also known by her art handle “Naoxy” she loves to paint pieces with people as her main focus, because she believes that every person has a story, and every story is worth telling. She also focuses on trying to create positive emotions with every piece she works on.

Though she works mainly in digital, Naomi also loves to experiment with traditional mediums like graphite, ink, copic markers and watercolours.

During her stay here at Studio Kura, she will be working with watercolours and collaborating with fellow artist Brandon Fernandes. They hope to be able to create a series of paintings inspired by Itoshima, following the story of two young female artists.

– Naomi Soh’s website