Nathan Phillips

Nathan Phillips (United States) Residence: July 2019

Nathan Phillips is an Ohio native. His mother sang in operas and musicals, while her father, a 12-tone composer taught music in Cincinnati, before she moved to Mansfield, where Nathan grew up playing piano. In addition to his solo keyboard and vocal work, Nathan has supported bands like Julianna Barwick, Qasim Naqvi, and, as a member of Youngstown’s The Building, The War On Drugs.

At Studio Kura, Nathan plans to build a series of musical experiments that will be recorded after his residency is completed at Kura, to take place at a recording studio in Sydney, Austrailia, with composer, Alex Garsden and pianist, Chris Abrahams. The sessions will be largely improvised, although guided by the approaches Nathan plans to uncover while in Fukuoka.

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