Pengcheng Chen

Pengcheng Chen (China) Residence: March to April 2017

Pengcheng Chen is specialised in experimental animation and drawing based in China. He completed his Master of visual arts at Camberwell College of Arts in 2016.
His experimental animation has been shown in London, Lisbon, and China.

An ongoing concern he has is for the exploration and distillation of experimental drawing in moving image, by adopting concept about transformation of consciousness in between dreams which have strong metaphorical associations. As he has been researching on consciousness and automatism, the nature of consciousness reflected human behaviour and morality, therefore he took photographs of random performances as the animated references, and emphasise the insignificance of individual experience of dream and crucial connection with objective matters.

At the Studio Kura, he would like to display a moving image installation based on consciousness and automatism of individual experience and history events.

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