Sa Youngin

Sa Youngin (South Korea) Residence: June 2018

Sa Youngin is working in the area of installation integrating sculpture with media devices based in South Korea and the US.
She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Seoul National University (SNU) with the dual degree in Sculpture and Media art and pursuing her master’s degree in Digital Media since 2017 in
Rhode Island School of Design(RISD) in the United States. This summer she is selected as grant student from RISD to attend residency program in Japan, Studio KURA to continue her
artistic practice.

Young investigates the mechanism of misfortune and explores how it operates in the places and times we inhabit. However, this is neither criticizing nor asserting a solution, she focuses
on exposing the mechanism of the subject. Using original materials from the subject and incorporating elements of digital devices and sculpture within an installation she attempts to
create a landscape that highlights the vulnerable moments and symbols of everyday life.

At the Studio Kura, she is planning the project intends to uncover the symbol which inhabits shifted meaning from political context and influencing the perception of the society.

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