Saga Unnsteinsdottir

Saga Unnsteinsdottir (Iceland) Residence: October 2017

Saga graduated in 2012 from FB Breiðholt Collage with an Icelandic Students’ Prof in Visual arts and from Lasalle Collage of the arts, Singapore, in 2016 with a BA(hons) in Fine arts.
During her studies Saga specialized in Painting but has worked in multiple mediums; Illustration, Video and installation.

Borders and play are themes through out a lot of Saga’s work up until now. Where she is interested in the idea of transformation – things contradicting or even resisting themselves -.
Questioning the stability of what surrounds us in the everyday, exploring or experimenting with just how easily thing could be altered beyond recognition.

During the artist residency Saga will be revisiting animism for inspiration – how things, sceneries and images can possess a power over people and subjects. Living things losing their agency and the ‘dead’ acting out.

Announcing Saga Unnsteinsdottir’s Exhibition “Bitten by a radioactive artist” at Studio Kura

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