Sanne van de Goor

Sanne van de Goor (Netherlands) Residence: December 2018

Sanne van de Goor is a graphic designer based in Amsterdam. Her work starts with a fascination for the underlying rules that create a structure and the potentiality to generate an unpredictable outcome from a rule-based system. Her autonomous visual projects, commissioned assignments, and educational work embody a tension between precision and randomness, chaos and control. Her art projects and workshops for children, embraces the unpredictability that can emerge through rule-based play, while her pattern designs concentrate on single lines or forms that take shape through repetition.

Sanne often reuses elements, whether they are shapes, design elements, or physical objects made by children, and reimagines them in different ways. This circularity—this transformative loop—arises in the process of making, allowing shapes, compositions, and materials to respond and react to one another. The process of translation allows a work to transform from a textile, to a digital image, to a book, and so on—embracing the inner struggle between the creation of content and its documentation.

During her residency period she will work on ancient patterns for traditional Japanese clothing, made out of paper — in relation with the current human body.

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