Sarah Bertrand-Hamel

Sarah Bertrand-Hamel (Canada) Residency: December 2015 to January 2016

Sarah is a Canadian artist based in Montreal, specialized in papermaking, drawing and installation. She got a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Laval University, and a MFA Studio Arts from Concordia University. Her solo exhibitons were held in many places in Canada, Mexico, and currently her curated group exhibition in Japan (Embassy of Canada Prince Takamado Gallery, Tokyo until Jan 28, 2016).
Fascinated by impermanence and singularity, the artist creates images that she repeats and reinterprets, fragment and recompose. Sarah is interested in transitions and shifts between these images. She traces change, wants to make time visible. Sarah aims to work and present consisting in a series of works on paper, more precisely Japanese papers during her residency at Studio Kura.

Sarah Bertrand-Hamel’s website