Sarah Thibault

Sarah Thibault (Canada) Residence: March 2018

Sarah Thibault is a visual artist based in Quebec City, Canada. Having a background in sculpture as well as in jewelry, she is now exploring the object in diverse mediums. Sarah has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions in different Canadian cities, among which Montreal, Toronto and Lévis. She also took part in several artist residencies in Canada.

Her artistic practice is driven by an appropriation of the visual culture of power and thereby is rooted in an empowerment process that questions our relationship to that power. Working from a feminist maxim that says that the personal is political, Sarah regularly uses references to the interior and the body adornment in unusual contexts to signify this blurring between the private and the public. Her work tends now to push further that ambiguity emanating from that confrontation of intimacy and ostentation.

During her stay at Studio Kura, Sarah will be working on an ephemeral site specific installation. Using straw, cardboard pieces and other cheap materials painted in gold, she will create blanket-like devices intended to cover precarious structures.

– Sarah Thibault’s website