Serena Della Bona

Serena Della Bona (Italy) Residence: February 2017

Serena Della Bona is specialized in painting and drawing, with a degree in painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan. She has participated in various travelling exhibitions in Italy.

Over the years, her work has taken several roads, always experimented with various materials and various painting techniques, recurring subjects are naturalistic. In the last few years she introduced characters related in Japanese culture because she is very fascinated by everything about this world. The concept is important to let the change take place, the influence of life is reflected in the work, this is in constantly Evolution (This year, I plan to publish my first narrative and figurative book about fantasy story).

Fukuoka is rich in tradition and ties with nature, it is important to explore with eyes and listen to stories related to this people, she wants to enter this atmosphere for to be able to externalize the figurative and narrative work.

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geisha fenice


samurai 12 2016

testa 50x100 gentile