Tsai-Yi-Chi (Taiwan) Residence: February 2017

Tsai-Yi-Chi specializes in drawing and ceramics based in Pingtung, she just completed her Bachelor of Arts in Ceramic and Drawing in Taiwan last year, then got the qualification from Compeung Artist-in-Residency program in Chiangmai, Thailand. Now, she has her solo exhibition ‘Coexist’ in the Chin Chin Pottery gallery, Tainan county.

Her habitual material, paper and clay, as two different concepts to her but correspond to happening. Since she sensible of human’s life, with their creation of everything, from big to small, hard or weak, it will change or disappeared follow by weather and time, let her eager to be a discoverer and participate in change. Rethink how to interact the environment with the harmless by an elapse of times, also how to become a part of it, anticipates using a kind of silent posture to blend surrounding, to doubt and to introspection. Let the spirit rises to a higher level, the sense of beauty will being kind of love.

At the Studio Kura, she is going to collect different place’s papers, old things, or garbage some where she passes by in Itoshima, to tear, rebuilt and draw them into her own paper work.

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