Vidya Andarikha

Vidya Andarikha (Indonesia) Residence: September 2013

Vidya Andarikha was born in Indonesia, and after working as a digital painter for a game developing studio she learnt more about 3D art at 3dsense Media School (Singapore), where she was chosen for the 3dsense-Kura Artistic Residency Award.

Vidya gets inspiration from things she sees and stories she hears. She is currently drawing inspiration from the vegetation around Studio Kura. She tries to transmit her feelings and different moods through her art, and expects people to enter her world and her imagination.

She visited Studio Kura by earning 3D Sense’s Studio Kura Award. She had a exhibition and organized an artist talk.

Vidya Generalist Reel 2013

Timy, your friendly assistant

The Puppeteer

Portrait Drawing (Pencil)