Yuming Zhu

Yuming Zhu (United States) Residence: March 2019

Yuming describes his style as “Transism” — Lyrical Impression and Idealistic Expression, through which he portrays the beauty of our spiritual and earthly world by creation a language of emotional expression. He blends the styles of the East and West into his oil, pastel and Sumi paintings. Capturing the light and darkness of the European masters while combining the familiar and textured brush strokes found in Sumi watercolors, Yuming likes to leave white spaces as background painting and emphasis on Spiritual Charming in his art.

He held several solo and group exhibitions in California and Seattle area. He also teaches in community colleges and is an active member in several artists’ associations in the area.
He was invited to demo Sumi painting for the tape “Five Thoughts of Asian Art” by Seattle Art Museum and artist for the EMMA nominated movie Series: The Man In The High Castle.

In this residency period, Yuming likes to capture (En Plein) daily life scenes of Japanese people during Sakura blooming season. Countryside fields, ancient small buildings, authentic food, kimonos will be inspiring subjects represented in his art. Yuming is also searching for meanings of how modernism e.g. cell phone, affecting traditional life in the countryside of Japan. Yuming will express his observation through large Sumi art work from his sketch books during his stay at Studio Kura.

– website link: www.YumingFineArt.com

Studio Kura-1-Kimono

Studio Kura-2

Studio Kura-3

– Paragon International Arts sponsored Yuming Zhu’s travel expenses to participate our artist-in-residency program at Studio Kura

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