Zhongsheng Gu

Zhongsheng Gu (United States) Residence: December 2018

I am Zhongsheng Gu, A Photographer and Visual artist. I grew up in Yanji, a small town on the border of China and North Korea. I living and working in New York since 2013, I have taken photography as my true native tongue. My work is focused on trying to explore and expand the possibilities of photography as a method of communication. So that this visual language of mine, can be more nuanced, more meaningful, more lyrical.
The focus of my work goes beyond trying to capture something visually but instead I want to capture something invisible. Perhaps something only I can see, or perhaps something that occurs in our memories.

At Studio Kura I hope to make some image of my Childhood memories. Some curiosity about the unknown world, in a quiet little village.

– Website link: guzhongsheng.com