Jikke Lesterhuis

Jikke Lesterhuis(1997)は、アムステルダム出身のビジュアルストーリーテラーです。彼女は主にアニメーションとイラストレーションを使い、目に見えない物語を具体的なものに変えていく。ジッケは、形而上学的な宇宙と世界の多くの層に魅了されている。



Jikke Lesterhuis (1997) is a visual storyteller from Amsterdam. She mainly uses animation and illustration to turn invisible stories into something tangible.Jikke has a fascination for the metaphysical universe and the many layers of the world. “We are not seeing reality; we are seeing a story our brain created for us. The mind joins up the dots between the data that your senses collect.

The mind is a mysterious place, and everyone’s works just a little differently”.She found inspiration in the animistic environment and how man and nature are inextricably linked. During her stay at Studio Kura, she will experiment with the narration of her universe, using her body and senses as a bridge through which the external world flows into her, and she flows into it.

By using animation, illustration and field recordings, the invisible phenomena in the abysses of her unconscious become corporeal. She will look for the silent frequencies that alter her world.