Kazutaka Fujii

Kazutaka Fujii is an architect and three-dimensional artist from Hiroshima Prefecture.

After graduating from Kansai University, he studied architecture at university and graduate school in London and worked for a year in a local design firm before returning to Japan.

He is a rare designer who has experience in all types of organizations in architectural design, including atelier offices, general contractor design departments, and organizational design offices. He is currently employed by Azusa Design Co., Ltd. and is in charge of airport architecture design.

He specializes in a method of developing experimental three-dimensional forms into architecture.

A mock-up of a building with an intricately shaped membrane structure made at London Metropolitan University is featured in the American architectural magazine “Architectural Design”.

A video complex with an exterior wall capable of projecting a three-dimensional, curved-surface image made of acrylic sheets cut into disks by a laser cutter and joined together.

The library designed the exterior wall with a study in which paper is incised and bent

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