Laura Ibáñez Kuzmanic

I’m a Chilean artist, cultural manager, and philosopher from Chile. My artworks are experimental, embracing multidisciplinarity. I work with different media, from 3D animation to painting and engraving. I consider myself someone who likes to investigate and work on different sociological ideas, philosophical studies, political and artistic media in different cultures and territories. This is why I like to experiment with analog and digital media.

In that sense, my work always starts from research, seeking to understand the juxtaposition of topics such as the canon, heritage, untold stories, and the culture of different places.

My artworks are intended to involve cultures, heritage, landscapes and untold stories from different points of view of the territories. That is why this research is being archived and later translated into different interdisciplinary works that seek to question the narratives of history.

I also have a collective called La Casa de las recogidas, and I work there with other 4 female artists

During my stay at Studio Kura, I would like to investigate the landscape, the canon, and the tangible and intangible heritage of Itoshima, talking with inhabitants and exploring the place, in order to create a parallel between the local culture and that of my country that later it would result in an installation that mixes different types of materials and techniques.