Lucy Holier




ルーシーは、studio Kuraにいる間、言葉の壁を乗り越えて地元のコミュニティとコラボレーションすることを望んでいます。

Lucy’s work uses sound, performance, and public collaboration as a way to consider and question value, translation, and ritual.

She uses the unfolding of an experience as a process and seeks to follow the unexpected as a way of rethinking everyday motions. Lucy has done community organizing around archival work in order to highlight labors of activism, art-making, and memory-making. Conversation is a new and important focus, especially with those from different places as a way of learning and unlearning.

Originally trained as a musician and composer, her practice now incorporates performance art and multimedia installation while still focusing on listening.

While at studio Kura, Lucy hopes to collaborate with the local community by finding ways to work around a language barrier.