Maria Vazquez

マリア・バスケスは、ニューヨーク州ポートチェスターを拠点に活動し、SUNY PurchaseでBFAを取得しています。初めてのレジデンスとなる今回は、色彩、素材、空間、題材の適応性を広げるため、彼女にとって新しい経験となることでしょう。


Maria Vazquez is based in Port Chester, New York with BFA from SUNY Purchase. As her first residency, this will be a new experience for her to get out of her comfort zone to expand her adaptability in color, material, space and subject matter.

Hair, plants and religion are some key points in her work that exhibit surreal images to express topics of death, growth and femininity. While in Studio Kura, she will make work that adapts to her surroundings in Itoshima and experiment with the same narration of her current work as well as creating new ones.