Taavi Tulev


My name is Taavi Tulev. I’m mostly known for my sound and music-related works. I create soundscapes for exhibitions mostly, have released quite a few albums, record nature sounds, and perform live. My music can’t be easily characterized, because it varies a lot – let’s say from beautiful ambient to dark techno and anything in between. Besides working with ears I also make art that is mostly inspired by visuals I get in my head when in dreamlike states.

Right now I’ve got a 12″ coming out with thunder sounds in nature and an exhibition in May with my geometric-op-art.In Japan, I find new ideas, see new color combinations and try to work out a few things.My pictures can be seen on Instagram under the account @hape.acidSometimes I draw aliens aliens_with_fruits and I lurk around mostly with my personal account @siseturist (if anyone’s curious)