Beck Wheeler

Beck Wheeler (New Zealand) Residency: June, 2014

Beck Wheeler is a multi-disciplinary artist who works across the fields of painting, sculpture and digital media. Her character based work brings together aspects from her German childhood and her New Zealand/Australian upbringing.

Beck Wheeler was born in Hamburg, Germany and raised in Beach Haven, New Zealand. Wheeler started drawing characters as a kid, and over the years has learnt to carve, sculpt and paint. In 2000 Wheeler moved to Australia where she lived until 2010. While living in Melbourne, Wheeler established herself as a multi-disciplinary artist and installed her character based works in galleries, alley ways, and shop windows.

Beck is an internationally recognised artist who has exhibited in Japan, Europe, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. She has gallery representation at 19 Karen Gallery (Queensland, Australia) and Penny Contemporary (Tasmania, Australia).

In 2010 Beck Wheeler moved from Melbourne’s CBD to Piha, New Zealand. Since making this move her work has become increasingly influenced by nature and her own domestic environment.

She stayed during 2014/JUNE/4th-JULY/17th and had the exhibition「Itoshima Characters」at Studio Kura Gallery. Her paintings were affected by Itoshima’s nature.Moreover She painted the wall at the local fresh food market called「FUKU-FUKU no Sato」

She also organized the workshop with local kids by using character she designed. the workshop was well we could received The workshop gained popularity with them.