Ida-Simoneは、Studio KuraのItoshimaでのレジデンスプログラムで、自分の実践を進化させることを目指しています。彼女の目的は、見つけた場所の素材を探求し、それ以外では失われたり汚染物質となったりする素材に新たな価値を与えることです。これは、「生命の終わり」の感覚を再定義することを意味します。

Ida-Simone is a Danish visual mixed media artist and designer that is fuelled by a curiosity of the human body and its entanglements and the sociopolitical issues as well as environmental issues that arise around the narrative of the body. Based in Amsterdam, the Danish artist works between the fields of textile art and design, fashion design, floral design, large scale ceramic sculptures as well as mix media sculptures.

Her practice centres around exploring exploring the concept of art and design, where they meet and where they differ. Her focus evolves around creating with discarded materials, found objects, deadstock yarn and textiles or other reclaimed materials in addition to clay. She is drawn to vivid colours, unexpected combinations, textures and large, undefined shapes.

Ida-Simone aims to evolve her practice during her residency in Itoshima at Studio Kura, with the intention of exploring materials in found places and giving new value to otherwise lost or polluting material. Re-defining the end of life sentiment.

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