Philippe Beer Gabel

Philippe Beer Gabel (France) Residency: FEB, 2015


Philippe Beer Gabel is born and raised in Paris, France. He is an musician and belong to 3 bands and released several CDs. He uses a traditional instrument called Kantele, is mainly played in Finland. The combination of Kantele and pop music brings together people of different generations, cultures and music tastes. For example, the most recent audience age demographic he performed to included ninety year olds and seventeen year olds, all of whom where inspired and amazed by what they heard. My music facilitates a rare opportunity to share an experience between groups of people who would not otherwise come together.

He is passionate about exploring the possibilities of the Kantele’s unique sound and to revive its ancient history in today’s popular music. Through integrating the Kantele with rock and pop music, He seek to compose new music for the Kantele. This encompasses and extends the traditional folklore music so far.

He got his certification as a yoga teacher in 2014 in India and He also did a training in Canada. He studied different healing modalities such as Body Talk System and Reiki.
SO He might be providing a Yoga class while he is staying.

Philippe Beer Gabel website

Comming a concert in JAPAN
@ art space tetra
Please check if you are interested in.

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