Saga Unnsteinsdottir

Saga Unnsteinsdottir (Iceland) Residence: October 2018

Saga Unnsteins, born in 1992. Icelandic, internationally based artist educated in Visual Art, FB, Reykjavik, Iceland (2012), and Lasalle Collage of the arts, Singapore (2016).
Work with Multiple disciplines and mediums, drawing inspiration from many ideas and concepts but always invested in the idea of boundary breaking, hierarchies and the idea of animism (or the inherent value of things).
Saga’s works have so far been displayed in various group and solo shows in Iceland, Singapore and in Japan.

Art, similarly to our dreams, is a resistance – in that it is an alternative and escape form the everyday and the conditions we are subjected to there within. However , apparently, the brain can not create new information but only cobble together what is already been experienced previously.
This is how different the word could be if we arranged it in a different way.
A utopia created from the banal.

Within each object, place or person already exist the means of resistance and subversion – a world of contradiction.
In my work my aim to embrace that contradiction – exploring the hidden worlds found between the borders, boundaries and hierarchies I see everyday.
Art and life. Trash and art. The magical and the mundane.

*Saga Unnsteinsdottir participated in the artist in residency program at Studio Kura in October 2017. Her exhibition “Bitten by a radioactive artist” was held on Oct 26 to 28 in 2017.

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