Serena Della Bona

Serena Della Bona (Italy) Residency: May 2018

Serena Della Bona graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.
Her journey in the world of art it’s made of research and experimentation of all kinds, in fact, to carry out her work the artist uses different materials and techniques. Not only painting but also sculpture and installations, in order to communicate a message, a state of mind, a fantasy. She teaches artistic workshops (illustration and painting techniques) open to people of all ages. Serena’s work has been showcased in various places in Italy and internationally. In 2018 her first illustration books are published

During my residency at Studio Kura, I want to create small watercolors of landscapes of Itoshima and than choose the shapes that most affect my attention and use acrylic paint on 4 large fabrics, close to my work I will leave a small white notebook and I will invite the public to write “something” their thinking about my work, or a sketch or simply their name, a memory of their passage.

Serena Della Bona Neang participated in the artist in residency program at Studio Kura in February 2017 and artist in residency program at Moriumius lusail in October November 2017.

2 piccola eco

4 melusina correct

7 orizzonte di Tokyo

9 profili di palazzi Tokyo 2017

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