JP Neang

JP Neang (United States) Residence: May 2017

JP Neang is an Artist, Educator & Creative Director based in Bay Area, California. She received her Bachelors in Fine Arts at California State University, Sacramento. Founder and Educator of Imaginary Atlas, a global initiative for creative education. JP’s work has been showcased in various galleries in the US and Internationally. And has been awarded Innovator of the Month at the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco.

She continues to push the boundaries of drawings, landscapes devoid of color with images that evoke stillness and playfulness. During her residency she plans to investigate the feeling of “Finding Home.” JP plans to use Itoshima’s experience as a vehicle for her inspiration. The solo exhibition will consist of tiny drawings to feel closeness with her audience.

– JP Neang’s Exhibition “Finding Home” at Studio Kura in May 2017.
– JP Neang’s Workshop “See Life. Sea Life” at Studio Kura on May 27 (Sat) 2017.

– JP Neang’s website
– mini documentary of her art purpose
– JP Neang’s instagram


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