We made stairs to climb the hill!

2013-04-03 09.03.09
Hi! This is Hiro. You know, there is a hill behind Studio Kura. But recently the path had become so steep that it felt more like a slide. It was no place for children to play anymore.

It was a shame since the hill is so near. And also we need to climb the hill to get materials for a “forest dye” lesson we are having this month at the Studio Kura art class for kids. So I thought we’d make some stairs before that, and we’d made them from natural materials: bamboo stairs!

2013-04-02 13.45.53
After cutting down a lot of bamboo, we cut it using a bamboo splitter. With less bamboo on it, the hill feels a lot less dark.

2013-04-02 13.58.23
Then I stuck the bamboo into the ground with a wooden mallet. This was really hard and my whole body is already aching. I am in fear I might not be able to get up tomorrow.

2013-04-02 16.58.27
It was very hard but thanks to Yuki Narazaki’s help it could be done. I think we got one step nearer our dream: giving children access to the richness of nature and art.

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