Report: Peter Granser’s Photography Workshop at Kyushu University

Hi! This is Hiro.
Let me share some pictures from Peter Granser’s workshop at Kyushu University.
During the first half of the workshop, Peter talked to the students about his recent work and activity.

In the afternoon, real practice started with a “portrait workshop”, and Peter found some places inside the campus that would make interesting backgrounds for portrait photographs. He would find a simple wall and say it was interesting. Then he would play with the direction the people were looking, and combining the figure with the background. It was a very interesting workshop about image composition.

Taking the stream flowing from the vine to the hand.

A simple wall from a gas station can be used in an interesting way inside our picture. The squares and flowers in the apartment in the background .




In the end, every student showed a photograph in a collective presentation. I would say all of them were doing something Peter said, and that made them better pictures.
I want to thank Professor Katayama for giving our residence artist and his students this great opportunity!


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