How to Get Rid of Your Garbage When in Studio Kura

Hi! This is Ale, just back from Spain and writing on a sunny January afternoon.

Today it’s all about garbage disposal. I hope you find it fun to know how easy it will be to get rid of your garbage when in residence here.


These are our government-issued burnable garbage disposal bags. Japan cares a lot about recycling, and we’re not allowed to drop our garbage in just any bag, or just at any time or place. There are rules!

First, almost anything but broken things (ir. glasses or electronics) and recyclable cans or bottles (that have been properly cleaned) can be thought of as burnable garbage. An eaten up yoghourt, a dirty plastic bag, and old leftovers are all burnable, although you might not want to know how burning some of these would smell.

About the bag, feel free to use any bag but you need to get that garbage into one of these big, official bags eventually. You can get one of these bags at the studio, or just take your small ones here and put them into the one we’re using here.

Then about the time and place, burnable garbage can be taken to the designated place on Tuesdays and Fridays in the morning, before 10 am. Getting the garbage out the night before is not OK, but if some day this turns out to be a problem for you, just ask us and we’ll help you out. If you only have got a little garbage you may want to take it to the studio the night before, and put it into our large bag.


The place is right between the two residence houses, so it’s a very short walk from any of them. Studio Kura is A and the garbage place is B on the following map.

And last, do you remember me talking about what’s burnable garbage a few paragraphs above? There are also green bags for recyclable stuff like plastic and glass bottles, and cans can go there too. Then we also have these yellow bags for things that are not burnable or any kind of recyclable garbage that can be put into a green bag. Feel free to take one of each of these bags to your house and take it to the studio when it’s full or at the end of your residence. These can only be taken out twice a month and most importantly don’t smell, so it’s OK to keep them half empty for weeks or months.

Well, I hope that helped! Feel free to ask our staff about anything that’s unclear. We’re all very into garbage! OK, not all of us are. But we do love it when everything is in place, as that lets us enjoy the beautiful landscapes we have all around here.

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