Announcing Thomas Coffey’s exhibition “Familiar Ache”

We are pleased to announce an exhibition Familiar Ache by Thomas Coffey on August 24(Sat.) & 25(Sun.), as a result of his activity during his stay at Studio Kura.

Thomas Coffey is a painter based in Arkansas, USA. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Harding University and is currently a Master of Fine Arts candidate in Painting at the University of Arkansas. His work centers on the interactions between psychology, perception, and environment. In creating highly textural abstract paintings of his backyard in the Ozarks, he examines states of rest and growth and his relationship to his surroundings.

This exhibition is a collection of small abstract paintings made up of colors, shapes, and textures found on walks around Itoshima. Painting and spending time in nature help me to process feelings of loneliness and isolation, and re-engage with the present moment. “Familiar Ache” refers not only to loneliness, but also to the discomfort that comes with healing.

Thomas Coffey “Familiar Ache”
Exhibition style: Painting
Date: August 24 (Saturday) to 25 (Sunday), 11:00 to 18:00.
* We will hold an artist talk on 24th (Sat.), starting at 16:00.
* The exhibitions by other six current residence artists will be held at the same exhibition periods.

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