Announcing Antonio Donaire’s exhibition “目が覚めているときだけ太陽が昇る”

We are pleased to announce an exhibition “目が覚めているときだけ太陽が昇る(Only sun rises if you are awake)” by Antonio Donaire on January 25(Sat.) & 26(Sun.), as a result of his activity during his stay at Studio Kura.

Antonio Donaire, graduated in Law&HHRR, Documentary Film Postgrade, before he worked in a multinational. In 2014, he began his career as a self-taught multidisciplinary artist.

Writing and adapting the script 目が覚めているときだけ太陽が昇る(Only sun rises if you are awake) for the feature film that I will direct. Shooting it´ll takes place in Tokyo. Likewise taking pictures to make the movie´s storyboard example. I was going around to learn more about japanese culture so I would be able to immerse in the country way of life and try to “feel it”.

Antonio Donaire “目が覚めているときだけ太陽が昇る”
Exhibition style: Scriptwriting+ Storyboard Example
Date: January 25(Saturday) & 26(Sunday), 11:00 to 18:00.
* We will hold an artist talk on 25th (Sat.), starting at 15:00.
* The exhibitions by other current residence artists will be held at the same exhibition periods.

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