Sue Pentelow

Sue Pentelowは、主にブロンズを使用したオーストラリアのアーティストです。彼女の関心は、カンガルー島の自然界にあり、そこでは小さな魚や昆虫を再解釈し、最初は蝋で形作り、最終的にはブロンズで鋳造しています。



Sue Pentelow is an Australian artist working predominately in the medium of bronze. 

Her interests lie in the natural world of Kangaroo Island, where she reinterprets small fish and insects, first in wax and ultimately casting in bronze. 

Studying under master bronze caster Silvio Apponyi, Pentelow has had support from Country Arts SA to attend several workshops in South Australia to refine her process.

Whilst at Studio Kura, she hopes to gain inspiration from her local surroundings and foraging experiences, exploring new textures and ways of making.

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