Una Wiener






Una Wiener,

Born in Vienna, lives in Napoli (Italy) and Vienna (Austria)

Writer, Author, Reporter, Flaneuse

I am boundlessly curious about the results of human interaction with nature, the (in)animate. I look for the crooked, the dwindling, the withered. I find beauty in decay, in weird- and strangeness as well as in reliably rooted patterns, structures, pairings.

Everyday I head out with my game bag and collect, I sieve, arrange, assemble, aiming to reproduce the wonders of my world as comprehensible aperçus, reflections and conclusions. I am the Serendipity Digest.

For some time now I work on a fiction called “The Japanese Shoe”, a road novel that encompasses the marvels of Japan in a setting of passion, murder mystery, traditional Yokai beliefs, culture clash and utter bewilderment. While I am attempting to manage and process the overload of impressions, Japan caught me currently as Haiku dilettante to give lustre to individual pictures from my photography sprees.

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