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Hiro Takes Part in konya2023 New Year’s art mart —Treasure Ship—

Hi! This is Ale translating a blog post from Hiro.

Happy new year! I hope this will be a great year for everyone. My aim for this year is to become a master scheduler. I know it’s against my nature, but I’m going to give it a try. If you ever see me underprepared, please feel free to lecture me.

And I, Hirofumi Matsuzaki, am taking part in konya2023 New Year’s art mart —Treasure Ship—, a group exhibition organized by konya gallery. Please come to see it if you’re in Fukuoka City!

konya2023 New Year’s art mart —Treasure Ship—
Dates: January 5-19, 2014; 12:00-19:00
(Admission free every day)
Place: konya-gallery (2F 1-14-28, Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka see on Google Maps)
Director: Hatsune Miyamoto / ART BASE 88
Organizer: Travel Front 092-984-6292

Talk session
Theme: Fukuoka’s contemporary art scene
Date: January 11, 19:00 start
Fee: ¥500- *voluntary
Guests: Sachiko Shoji (curator at Fukuoka art museum), Chisato Tanaka (artist)
Moderator : Hatsune Miyamoto
(The talk will be conducted in Japanese only)

konya2023 talk #3: Peter Granser “Werksvortrag”

bikini queen_sun city_2001

Hi! This is Hiro. Our current artist in residence, photographer Peter Granser, will be talking this Wednesday the 15th of May at konya2023. It will be about his past projects and his work in Itoshima. You can expect a detailed talk, about what the internationally acclaimed photographer who gave birth to books like Sun City or Coney Island thinks, while creating any kind of photographs. If you’re interested in photography as a medium or you like contemporary art, I’m sure you will find it interesting!
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