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A trip:Experiencing Traditional Japanese WASHI making with our residences.


We visited the Gallery of Yame traditional craft in YAME.
One of our residence artist Theresa is interested in WASHI, Traditional Japanese paper.
So we made a short trip!!

You can study about history, and how to make Washi. There are variety kinds of Washi and actually you can buy. The most exciting thing there is you can experience making washi(Japanese paper).

The lessons had started, Traditional japanese paper making.

Those flowers, glass can be used as decorations.




In order to fix flowers&glass, the liquid materials should be poured over.

Once it is dry, it’s DONE, ORIGINAL hand-made WASHI.

We would like to organise more short trips for residence artists to experience something traditional japanese techniques&culture while they are staying.

We all enjoy the trip anyway!

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