KUNISAKI ART FESTIVAL 2014: reporting about Talk event&Exhibition

We would like to report about talk event what we had at KUNISAKI ART FESTIVAL!
We had a Mimi・residence forum 「talk about artist in residence!」, and a mayor of KUNISAKI city joined.
Art in residence program has now recently been watched with interest by people around in Japan.

With our respect, Mr. Tamura, from Youkobo, attended from TOKYO!!
Lots of Thanks to them.

Everyone was listening to the Art in residence program story in each area.

Next, We moved to MR.Nakano’s place where will start residence soon, and kept talking!
Kunisaki Island is full of treasure!!
We keep looking at there further movement!!

Next, Let’s me introduce KURA’s exhibition!
The gathering house where NOMAD group renovated as their work, we worked as installing Studio Kura there.

A beam was set and created the similar space as Kura Gallery.
The 2 spaces are created. One is like Kura Gallery, the other exhibit the artists who did art in residence program at Studio Kura.

There is an animation display to show data about The artists we had in the past.

As gathering house, we created a crafting space in the house.


That was the report about KUNISAKI art festival!!!

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