Announcing Cristias Rosas’s exhibition “The Father’s dreams”

We are pleased to announce an exhibition The Father’s dreams by Cristias Rosas on October 26(Sat.) – 27(Sun.), as a result of his activity during his stay at Studio Kura.

Cristias Rosas is a fine art photographer born in Lima, Peru. Graduated in 2006 in the University of Lima as a communicator and journalist, he was also educated in photography in the cities of Buenos Aires and New York where he won the Lisette Model scholarship granted by the International Center of Photography.

The father had entered a condition of forced sleep and corporal inertia. While that occurred, dreamlike reality inverts the reality that surrounds him. What is that emptiness where the father lingers? Where is he dreaming from? How is that space for those who are forced to sleep? This unavailable territories are only plausible through the photographic act. In these images the present subject occupies the place of the one who has departed our reality.

Cristias Rosas “The Father’s dreams”
Exhibition style: Long exposure digital photography
Date: October 26 (Saturday) to 27 (Sunday), 11:00 to 18:00.
* We will hold an artist talk on 26th (Sat.), starting at 15:00.
* The exhibitions by other nine current residence artists will be held at the same exhibition periods.

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